Facts about Fibre

Why Fibre is good for our body?

Fibre is one of the most important foods that benefit our digestive system and faecal volume. There are two types of fibre: Soluble Dietary Fibre (SDF) and Insoluble Dietary Fibre (IDF). Fibre makes no contribution to energy but simply influences the absorption rate of nutrients such as glucose and cholesterol, and contribute to a sense of well-being from a healthy gut.

Consumption adequate amount of fibre (30-35 grams) has been known to provide a healthy lifestyle:
  • OVERWEIGHT: Low calories but with high satiating power.
  • CONSTIPATION: Assists in bowel movement and increase faecal volume.
  • OVERACID: Protects and soothing intestinal wall.
  • CHOLESTEROL & DIABETES: Reduces absorption of cholesterol and sugar.
  • DEHYDRATION: Minimizes dehydration effects of improper diet.
The Major Health Organisations in Australia have published advice call for a daily requirement of  25-30 grams of fibre but many people do not able to reach the daily requirement and some have as little as 6 grams per day in their regular diet.

What is Swallow Globe Brand Kanten (Agar-Agar)?

Swallow Globe Brand Kanten (Agar-Agar) is pure, high quality agar-agar obtained solely from Red Algae (Seaweed), primarily from the genera Gelidium and Gracilaria. It formed a transparent vegetable gelatin rich in SDF and IDF. Naturally, its main content is fibre which is the highest amongst all foods. It also contains minerals that are important for our healthy lifestyle.

Kanten (Agar-Agar) is compatible with all vegetarian applications. It is used for thickening, setting and gelling foods without affecting flavour with great gelling power, 10 times higher than animal origin gelatins.

Culinary uses are recorded from at least 350 years ago in the Far East especially in Japan, where Japanese dietetic properties have long been appreciated. As part of healthy foods for Japanese, Kanten has become popular associated with long life and is consumed for its satiating effects. Also know for counteract gastric and joint ailments.

In Japan, Kanten is considered as food supplement,  Product contained 100% Kanten can be labeled as health food and therefore is allowed to use Japanese healthy food certified logo on its packaging. Kanten is ideal for diabetic and vegetarian dishes and drinks. Also good for supplementing diets low in fibre, for adding appeal to low calorie meals and for supporting healthy cuisine.

Why should I take Swallow Globe Brand Kanten (Agar-Agar)?

Swallow Globe Brand product main ingredient is Kanten (Agar-Agar) powder and Kanten has been known and analyzed to contain 70-95% of dietary fibre, plus trace minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc and Iodine.

Swallow Globe Brand has been providing the superb quality Kanten (Agar-Agar) products for nearly four decades and is the leading brand of Agar-Agar products in Indonesia. The company is also the largest Agar-Agar producer in the world.

Swallow Globe Brand
 has been awarded with SuperBrand Award, and has gained many other Awards and Recognations as the Best Quality Product in Indonesia. Through continous understanding of our consumer needs and demands, It offers a wide range of Kanten (Agar-Agar) products that provide the best dietary fibre products, convenient and high quality life style.


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