Fibre for Kids
    Colouring Cap. Rio      































Hello Little Friends...,

My name is Captain Rio and I am the mascot of Agar-agar Swallow Globe.

I am a Swallow Bird.  My body is a little bit chubby.  I have a cute & smiley face and everywhere

I go I always have many little children around me. They love to hear my stories...

I am a very good pilot.  The goggles and scarf are my number one gadget for flying.  I have

a big responsibility as a pilot to make sure everything is safe while flying.   

As the mascot of Agar-agar Swallow, I have other responsibility as a special tour guide when I am going about in Capt. Rio Bus. I explain the benefit of Seaweeds and agar-agar for health to people.

Your friend - Captain Rio
















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