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Cup Caffe Cappuccino or Chocolate (4 in 1 HOT DRINK)

Cup Caffe Cappuccino is a great tasting cappuccino drink with fibre from Kanten (Agar-Agar). Smooth and has fibre effects in protect stomach from coffee acid, while  Cup Caffe Chocolate is a smooth and rich chocolate drink with added fibre from Kanten (Agar-Agar).A convenience and good choice of great hot drink at home, office or on the go.


Each box contains: 5 sachets @ 22gr

Ingredients: Instant Kanten (Agar-Agar) Powder, Instant Coffee Powder or Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Non Dairy Creamer.


Serving Direction:

Pour 1 sachet of 4 in 1 Cappuccino or Chocolate Hot Fibre Drink into a cup. Add 120 ml 90o C hot water, Stir until dissolved. Served warm.

 When left cool down, drink will become pudding.


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KANTEN (Instant Hot Fiber Drink)


Kanten Instant Hot Fibre Drink is pure 100% natural fibre supplement for active people who need more fibre in their diet. It is an easy way to add fibre to the drinks without changing taste. Enjoy healthy life with adequate daily fibre intake.

Each box contains: 10 sachets @ 2gr

Ingredient: 100% pure Instant Kanten (Agar-Agar) powder.

Serving Direction:

Add 1 sachet Swallow Globe Instant Kanten Powder into 200-250cc of 90 o C

hot water, tea, coffee, chocolate, soup, oatmeal or any hot drink. Stir well until dissolve.


When left cool down, drink will become pudding.



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