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Agar-agar Juice
Agar Juice is a delicious range of ready-to-drink juices, Added with fibre to ensure more fibre intake. Great choices of fruit flavours to enjoy!


Agar juice contains fibre with vitamin C and no preservatives. It is both vegetable based and fruit based. Available in your favourites such as Apple, Orange, Strawberry and Lychee.




Fruit Juice, Agar Powder, Water, Sugar, Acidity regulatory (Citric acid, Sodium Citrate), Antioxidant Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)



Serving Direction:

Shake well before opened.

Served chilled for better taste.





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Agar-agar Cup



Agar-Agar Cup is ready-to-eat Agar-agar, comes with cup packaging 80 ml.


Refreshing, Delicious and healthy high fiber desserts. Comes with Strawberry, Lychee, Orange and Pineapple flavors.


Cup packaging:  net weight 80 ml

Carboard packaging:  80 ml x 48 cup




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